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100% Licensed & Insured Moving Company

Affordable Moving Rates Without Hiden Fees

#1 Priority Is Safety Of Your Property & Belongings

Efficient Moving Methods For a Stress-free Move

Providing Moving Services 7 Days a Week

We Offer Local & Long-Distance Moves

Reliable Moving Team & Special Equipment

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3 reasons to hire furniture movers

Save Time & Money

Hiring movers to relocate your furniture is a much better option than moving by yourself. Handling something as large and heavy as furniture requires proper skill and equipment. Furthermore, Burton Moves can disassemble and remove your furniture! You’re getting great value for a well-rounded service!

Move Without Stress

Disassembly and moving large furniture through narrow doorframes or hallways can be quite tricky. With our full service, everything is taken care of and our movers will take all the measures to ensure the entire moving process runs smoothly and care-free!

Safety & Injuries Free

The worst moving injuries usually are a result of moving something as large and heavy as furniture. Our movers can do anything, including carrying furniture up and down the stairs and securing it properly in the truck so it doesn’t get damaged in transit!

we move home and office furniture anywhere

Local and in-house relocations

Relocating furniture is what we’re best at. That includes moving your furniture to any residence, business space, or storage within the Tulsa area. Call us to move your item close-by or up to 50 miles from your location!

We can also help with in-house moves! If you need assistance with heavy items inside your residence or on your property we can move any appliance, furniture, hot tub, safe, or piano room-to-room, up or down the stairs.

In Filadelfia and nationwide furniture moves

We can move your sofa, bookshelf, conference table, file cabinets, or any other item long-haul! With an experienced crew there’s no fear of anything going wrong, Your item will be properly handled by moving experts!

With Burton Moves you can move furniture cross-state and nationwide. If you wish to relocate to any place in Filadelfia, or any other state, then our top-quality furniture moving service is for you!

We move all types of furniture

Movers by the Hour

If you don’t require a full furniture move but need assistance with certain aspects of your move, then you can tailor your own moving service using our by-the-hour service. Combine any type of service we provide and we’ll be there to help your move run smoothly.

Moving and Storage

This is a perfect solution to all of those who don’t wish to get rid of a piece of furniture, but need to make room for something new, or simply wish to declutter their home. Call Burton Moves to relocate any piece of furniture to short or long-term storage!

Last Minute Move

If you need to relocate a bookshelf, sofa, bed, dining table, or any other piece of furniture urgently, we can help! Burton Moves is available throughout the week and our crew stands ready to accept any last-minute moving challenge and handle it efficiently!

Labour Only

Heavy stuff is dangerous to move by yourself, so call us if you need help with only the heavy lifting. We can relocate your item for you in-house, provide help with lifting, and ensure your item remains intact, as well as your property, throughout the move!

Loading and Unloading

Large stuff, like furniture, can get damaged easily in transit, especially if it isn’t properly secured during packing, or fastened in the truck. Burton Moves offers a top-quality loading and unloading service that guarantees your furniture safety in transit.

Small Move

Even moving one or a couple of heavy items is a serious undertaking! With small moves for heavy items, you can count on our team to handle every step of the move and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Call us to get the best moving service at a great price!

full-service moving company

The best service for furniture moves

Our services is designed to solve every moving problem. For furniture moves we offer disassembly services. We will remove any movable parts and pack them separately, and then use tape to secure doors and drawers! With top-moving gear we’ll remove the items from your place and load it onto the truck!

After we’ve secured the item in the truck, we’ll transport it to your new location unload it, unpack and place it where you wish. Don’t worry we’ll put it back together so it’s ready to be used! We can move any piece of furniture for you to storage. Our storage options are available short and long-term!

Assembly & Disassembly

Uninstallation & Installation

Packing & Unpacking

Loading & Unloading

Transportation With Boxed Truck

Short & Long Time Storage

Who needs furniture relocators?


If you have some office furniture you need to move, give us a call! Burton Moves are expert movers who can move anything from cabinets to conference tables.


Renovating, downsizing, or moving stuff around your home? We can move any piece of furniture safely to any location nationwide, or to storage efficiently!


Our movers are all the help you need if you are moving furniture! Whatever service you require, we can provide the best and most convenient moving solutions!


Do you need to move a wardrobe to a storage, or want to relocate your sofa or a bookshelf? Leave the heavy lifting to the experts who are up to the task!


Simply tell us what piece of furniture you wish to move, and to what location. We can move it across the room, or the country, distance isn’t an issue for our team!

why us

Furniture movers you can rely on

Burton Moves is a respectable moving business dedicated to providing individual moving solutions for all types of furniture moves! Call us to help with anything from assembling IKEA furniture to moving antique pieces!
Whether you need a full service, or need help with specific part of the process, like packing, disassembly, loading, or storage, our fully-equipped team is available to assist you any day of the week! Move with insured and licensed movers at top-prices!

100% Licensed & Insured Moving Company

Affordable Moving Rates Without Hiden Fees

#1 Priority Is Safety Of Your Property & Belongings

Efficient Moving Methods For a Stress-free Move

Providing Moving Services 7 Days a Week

We Offer Local & Long-Distance Moves

Reliable Moving Team & Special Equipment

full service moving company

moving rates

Reasonable fees for top furniture moves

Do you wish to move one or move pieces of furniture? What’s the location you’re moving to? Are you a senior, or a veteran? Is your move urgent? These are some of the important questions covered in our survey. You can fill it in for FREE and get a price estimate for your furniture move today, or you can give us a call!

2 Hours Minimum

$199 – 2 Movers For 2 Hours

$320 – 3 Movers For 2 Hours

$400 – 4 Movers For 2 Hours

$80 – Every Additional Mover

10% Discount For Veterans Or Seniors

FAQ ABOUT furniture moving services

We provided lots of information about or full furniture moves and other services. However, there’s more. Check out the answers to some FAQs of our other customers, for more info, or you can call us and ask!

What do movers do to ensure the safety of my property when moving furniture?

First, our crew will use cardboard, covering like blankets, rubber mats, and plastic cover to protect your walls, floors and stairs from damage. Then, we’ll use furniture sliders, heavy-duty dollies and other equipment to safely lift and remove it from your residence, or offices.

Are there any discounts for furniture moves?

We offer a 10% discount for veterans and seniors.

Can you move cubicles from my offices?

Of course. Besides the regular office furniture, we can move cubicles as well. Disassembly and reassembly’s also included in the full service!

Is it difficult to move furniture by yourself?

That depends on your specific situation. Will removal be challenging? Do you need to disassemble your furniture, or carry it down and up the stairs? The more challenging the move is, the harder it can be to execute it accident-free without having any prior moving experience. Hiring movers will be a better option and save you not only time, but money on unnecessary items, or damage repairs.

Can you move a piece of furniture from and to an apartment on a floor without an elevator?

Of course. The odds of us being able to fit your large piece of furniture in the elevator are slim anyway. Our movers are prepared to carry your item up and down the stairs and will do it without any extra charges or costs!

Are you licensed for inerstate furniture relocations?

Yes, we are. Burton Moves has all the movers’ licensing, including the ones for interstate relocations! We can move you across the Florida’s border, to any other US state.

We serve Tampa in Florida and the surrounding area

Even though we're located in Tampa, our servicing area extends across the Tampa area. That includes Brandon, Land O'Lakes, Bradenton, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Riverview, Ruskin, Temple Terrace, Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Odessa, Greater Carrollwood, Town 'N' Country, Lutz and others.


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As they say "Actions speak louder than words." That's why we would like to show you our hard-working movers on the job. Here are some examples of different types of moves we've completed, so you can have a look for yourself!

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