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100% Licensed & Insured Moving Company

Affordable Moving Rates Without Hiden Fees

#1 Priority Is Safety Of Your Property & Belongings

Efficient Moving Methods For a Stress-free Move

Providing Moving Services 7 Days a Week

We Offer Local & Long-Distance Moves

Reliable Moving Team & Special Equipment

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smooth URgent relocations

Save Time & Money

Time is a crucial factor with urgent moves, and we have the expertise to see it through. We already have everything needed, from tools, and trucks, to packing materials! Hiring us will be more cost-friendly than trying to do it alone at the last minute!

Move Without Stress

When you have to do something in a hurry that’s stressful enough. Having to deal with the entire moving process is even more challenging especially if you don’t know how to do it or exactly what you need. We can take care of everything and move you swiftly and hassle-free.

Safety & Injuries Free

If you’re not experienced at moving stuff, some moving situations, like carrying large stuff down the stairs, might be quite dangerous! Especially with emergency relocations. We know how to execute the whole moving process quickly without damaging your possessions or getting hurt!

Last-minute relocations to all locations

What is a local move?

Do you need to move to another part of Tampa at short notice? If your moving destination is within a 50-mile radius, our skilled crew can assist with urgent local relocation to your new office, or home!

Need to quickly move some large stuff around your office or residence? Burton Moves also offers last-minute heavy item moves! Don’t lift anything alone, leave the heavy furniture, appliances, pianos, safes, and hot tubs, to us!

Moving in Florida or state-to-state?

Maybe we can’t speed up the time it takes to transport your stuff from point A to B, but we can handle each moving stage with maximum precission and efficiency! Rely on us for a speedy and safe last-minute intrastate relocation.

We can also assist you with moving your entire residence, office, or heavy item at short notice long-haul across the US. Your items’ safety is of the utmost importance to our team, and we’ll deliver it swiftly and intact!

We can move anything at short notice

Residential Move

If you need to relocate quickly to a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom apartment, or a house, with our urgent residential moves we can make your relocation stress-free. Burton Moves will pack, move, and deliver all your items swiftly anywhere in the US.

Commercial Move

Urgent business matters should be handled by professionals. That includes last-minute commercial moves. With professionals like us, you can have a peace of mind. Burton Moves will handle your business relocation with speed and precision.

Heavy-Item Move

Burton Moves specialize in all type of heavy-item moves. We are available 7 days a week and can move your large and bulky furniture, appliances, safes, pianos and hot tubs urgently to any location in-town, across Florida, and beyond.

Labor Only

If you have most of the moving process covered, but need help only with lifting, our labor only service is available short-notice too! Our crew will lift and move any volume of items of all shapes and sizes and save you the trouble of having to do the heavy-lifting yourself!

Loading and Unloading

You have the truck but are pressed for time? Loading and unloading stuff in a hurry or placing them unproperly inside the truck can lead to accidents. Call our skilled crew to provide a swift assistance with loading and unloading all the items for you!

Small Move

If you’re moving last-minute from a small studio or a one-bedroom apartment and don’t have many belongings, we offer a solution tailored for you. Burton Moves can make your small move run smoothly end relocate your stuff easily to any location!

full-service moving company

Well-rounded service for urgent moves

With our all-in-one service your urgent move will go without a hitch. Burton Moves will take care of everything, starting from uninstalling appliances, disassembling furniture and packing all your belongings. Our crew will remove all items safely with proper moving gear and load it into our truck.

After we reach a new location, we’ll unload your items, place it inside, reconnect appliances and reassemble furniture. Besides unpacking we can also help speed up the process even more by arranging your stuff according to your wishes. Short and long-term storage options are available too!

Assembly & Disassembly

Uninstallation & Installation

Packing & Unpacking

Loading & Unloading

Transportation With Boxed Truck

Short & Long Time Storage

Who needs relocators?


With not much time, and much to do it’s much better to turn to movers for help, especially if you’re moving by yourself. Call Burton Moves for an easy relocation!


We’ll help take the load and the stress of your urgent family move! Place your trust in our expertise! We will relocate all your valued possessions undamaged!


If you’re a senior citizen, than any urgent move can be quite overwhelming to handle alone! With experienced movers you can relax and let us take care of everything!


Moving at last-minute is what we’re best at. We even offer a 10% discount for all the US veterans! Call us and book your top-quality moving service at short-notice!


There’s not much time to waste when it comes to emergency relocations. Blunt Moves has the best moving solutions for hassle-free student moves!

why us

Secure movers for emergency moves

Burton Moves offers the best solutions for your urgent moving situation. Whether you acquire a full residential, commercial or heavy item move or a specific moving services we’ll provide the best solution at affordable price!
You can count on our skilled team of movers to handle any moving challenge using the best moving techniques and the top-of-the line gear. We’re available 7 days a week to assist you with a safe and swift relocation!

100% Licensed & Insured Moving Company

Affordable Moving Rates Without Hiden Fees

#1 Priority Is Safety Of Your Property & Belongings

Efficient Moving Methods For a Stress-free Move

Providing Moving Services 7 Days a Week

We Offer Local & Long-Distance Moves

Reliable Moving Team & Special Equipment

full service moving company

moving rates

What is the cost of emergency moves?

Depending on if you need a full move or a specific moving service urgently, the price will be calculated differently. If you wish to get an estimate of your moving price for FREE, it’s best you fill out our survey or call us so we can calculate the price based on all the information you shared.

2 Hours Minimum

$199 – 2 Movers For 2 Hours

$320 – 3 Movers For 2 Hours

$400 – 4 Movers For 2 Hours

$80 – Every Additional Mover

10% Discount For Veterans Or Seniors


Did we manage to cover all that you wanted to know about our last-minute relocations? Take a look at our FAQs below for what was of interest to most of our customers. If you have additional questions for us don’t hesitate to call!

Can you do same-day relocations?

We do offer same-day moving services as well. Call us to check our availability, and if we’re free we can move you right away!

How can I get a quote for my last-minute local move?

You can do it by filling out our survey or by giving us a call.

Are there any additional costs and fees for last-minute commercial relocations?

The best part about our service is full transparency. That means there won’t be any hidden costs or fees for any of our moves or services.

Do you offer disassembly and reassembly services at short notice?

Of course. Besides our full residential, commercial, and heavy-item moves we offer other services separately too, like loading/unloading, disassembly/reassembly, packing/unpacking, and storage.

Are fees for short-distance moves higher than regular fees? Do you have any discounts?

Yes, they are. Urgent moves cost more than regular moves, that is the case for all our moves and services. We have a 10% discount for US veterans and seniors.

We serve Tampa in Florida and the surrounding area

Even though we're located in Tampa, our servicing area extends across the Tampa area. That includes Brandon, Land O'Lakes, Bradenton, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Riverview, Ruskin, Temple Terrace, Wesley Chapel, Plant City, Odessa, Greater Carrollwood, Town 'N' Country, Lutz and others.


Your opinion matters to us, as does the feedback from all of the clients we've served. By listening to what our clients have to say we've grown our business and created a top-quality moving service! We've shared some of our clients' experiences below, so you can read about what they thought about our service!


As they say "Actions speak louder than words." That's why we would like to show you our hard-working movers on the job. Here are some examples of different types of moves we've completed, so you can have a look for yourself!

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